Robert Betzig

Bob is an effective and accessible voice in highlighting the value of the pharmaceutical industry for policymakers and thought leaders. He has engaged federal, state and local officials at the site to help them better understand the challenges and opportunities of our industry. Bob is also involved and supportive of Pfizer’s Michigan Legislative Leaders program,

Phil Bonasia

Phil is the Head of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sunovion, but he also takes the time to participate in “State Researcher Fly-In Days.” Before these events, he takes the time to research the legislators he will meet and then develops the key points for each meeting. His research experience has impacted multiple meetings in

Jason Brandt

Jason Brandt is highly committed to civic action both personally and professionally. Through his role on the Sanofi US PAC Board, Jason advocates tirelessly for issues related to the healthcare industry. His passion for civic action is also clearly apparent in his leadership role as a Vice President of Sales in our Diabetes and Cardiovascular,

Oleg Brodsky

Oleg is a special type of researcher who can translate scientific concepts into themes and messages that resonate with non-scientists. He communicates the value of the critical work of pharmaceutical research in understandable, impactful ways to key elected officials, advocates and the public visiting Pfizer’s La Jolla, California site for many years now. Additionally, he

Steve Bushold

(Merck) – Steve advocates for the key role that pharmaceuticals play in the overall treatment of disease, where his goal is to drive business strategy and project planning. He has led the way for Merck to have significant process efficiencies, year over year cost reductions, working capital improvements, better value and innovation.

Miguel Camargo

Going beyond his responsibilities as a researcher and leader, Miguel is extremely active in UCB’s public affairs and PAC activities. He is a leader in local/state activities and engagements with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Association and is focused on expanding UCB’s presence in the state. Furthermore, he has led a group of local, state and

Dr. Chureen Carter, PharmD, MS

Over the years, Dr. Chureen Carter has demonstrated her commitment to supporting and mentoring rising scientists. In her work building alliances that support evidence generation, Dr. Carter puts patients first, ensuring stakeholders understand the full value of the medicines they need. She has an exceptional ability to build bridges, whether with partners outside the organization

Pauline Coderre, RPh, MS, CCP

(Eli Lilly and Company) Pauline is a true patient advocate who believes in going beyond medicine to engage, educate and empower patients to be active in their own health care and improve overall outcomes. She identifies new ways to provide patients with timely, action-oriented resources on health and wellness and a variety of disease states.

Dave Matthews, CHMM

(Bristol-Myers Squibb Company) – As the company’s biological safety officer, Dave oversees animal care and use, water reduction, process safety management and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and excess energy. Since 2004, he has helped the site receive certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Doug Clark

A self-described “number monkey,” Doug’s work in data modeling has been an essential component of Merck’s legislative strategy. Doug is committed to ensuring the government affairs team is always equipped with data to guide and advance their advocacy efforts. His recent work on drug pricing reform echoes his ability to supply complex guidance in a