Meet our 2021 Employee Champions. We recognize individuals who strive to advance science and support innovation so that patients around the world can get the medicines and treatments they need. This year’s recipients have demonstrated commitment and resiliency that goes above and beyond expectations.

Steve Bushold

(Merck) – Steve advocates for the key role that pharmaceuticals play in the overall treatment of disease, where his goal is to drive business strategy and project planning. He has led the way for Merck to have significant process efficiencies, year over year cost reductions, working capital improvements, better value and innovation.

Miguel Camargo

External Innovation Lead and Head of Targeted Protein Degradation Platform | UCB

Going beyond his responsibilities as a researcher and leader, Miguel is extremely active in UCB’s public affairs and PAC activities. He is a leader in local/state activities and engagements with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Association and is focused on expanding UCB’s presence in the state. Furthermore, he has led a group of local, state and

Pauline Coderre, RPh, MS, CCP

Health Education Consultant | Eli Lilly and Company

(Eli Lilly and Company) Pauline is a true patient advocate who believes in going beyond medicine to engage, educate and empower patients to be active in their own health care and improve overall outcomes. She identifies new ways to provide patients with timely, action-oriented resources on health and wellness and a variety of disease states.

Dave Matthews, CHMM

(Bristol-Myers Squibb Company) – As the company’s biological safety officer, Dave oversees animal care and use, water reduction, process safety management and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and excess energy. Since 2004, he has helped the site receive certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Pedro Costa

Senior Director, Government Affairs/SC | Johnson and Johnson

Pedro works in Public Affairs for Johnson & Johnson and had quite the year in 2017. In his role, he has helped create a more favorable climate for companies to invest and create jobs in Puerto Rico. Following the devastating effects of hurricane Maria, Pedro worked to ensure that patients could access critical medications and

Tiffini Brabham, DVM, PhD, DABT

(Pfizer) – Dr. Brabham is a strong advocate for Pfizer’s grassroots and PAC programs. She volunteers for Project 351, an initiative created by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to, “unite diverse 8th grade service Ambassadors from every city and town in the Commonwealth for an inspirational year of community service, leadership development and enrichment.”

Jacquelyn Dungey

(Eli Lilly and Company) – Jackie has worked tirelessly to ensure the right voices are heard and the right information is seen by Indiana lawmakers and has encouraged the right level of access for patients and protections that ensure a successful environment for medical innovators in the state, while also finding data that proves how

Edio Zampaglione, MD, FACOG

(Bayer) – Dr. Zampaglione is passionate about ensuring all women have access to the information and support they need to take control of their health. He is a champion of Bayer’s support of patient education on family planning through advocacy partnerships.

Joanne Palmisano, MD, FACP

(Boehringer Ingelheim) – Dr. Palmisano is a leading advocate for Boehringer Ingelheim who regularly engages with external stakeholders to support the industry and demonstrate its value to patients and policymakers. Her passion for pediatric therapies has also led her to participate in FDA dialogues on sound policies for pediatric drug development.

Christine Schnackenberg, PhD, FAHA

Senior Scientific Investigator | GlaxoSmithKline

(GlaxoSmithKline) Dr. Schnackenberg chairs GSK’s Science in the Schools group in Upper Merion, PA. This volunteer group works to provide opportunities for GSK employees to share science in their local communities and inspire future generations of scientists.