Meet our 2021 Employee Champions. We recognize individuals who strive to advance science and support innovation so that patients around the world can get the medicines and treatments they need. This year’s recipients have demonstrated commitment and resiliency that goes above and beyond expectations.

BMS Veterans Community Network (VCN)

Bristol-Myers Squibb

VCN raises awareness and provides a sense of community across the company around military service members, veterans and their family members and nonmilitary employees who just want to help. VCN works with veteran organizations and actively provides mentoring opportunities for former service members to assist in their transition to a career outside the military. Bristol-Myers

Robert Abraham

Sr. Vice President & Group Head, Oncology R&D | Pfizer

Based at Pfizer’s La Jolla (CA) site, Bob understands the importance of community and patient engagement. Under Bob’s leadership, he has hosted patient advocacy groups at the site and speaks to organizations like the San Diego Komen for the Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference and other charitable related events.

Sabrina Aery

(Bristol-Myers Squibb) – Sabrina is a board member of BUILD, an organization that partners with high schools in Palo Alto, Oakland, Boston and Washington, DC, to use a four-year curriculum of youth entrepreneurship to engage and propel low income, disengaged youth in tough neighborhoods through high school and into college.

Andrew Ajello

(Novo Nordisk) – Andrew took the lead in the company’s drive to increase advocacy, committing his entire leadership team of 61 employees to come to Washington this month for Advocacy Day. He plans to bring 150 sales executives to Washington in the fall for a second Advocacy Day.

John Banaszak

Assistant Director, Marketing Operations | Astellas Pharma US

As assistant director of marketing operations in Northbrook, Illinois, John invests considerable time and energy encouraging employee participation in initiatives focused on constructive public policies that help foster medical innovation and help provide patient access to needed medicines. John helped create Astellas’ civic engagement program that enables colleagues to voluntarily reach out to elected officials

Brendan Bertsch

Executive Director, Contracts and Pricing | Boehringer Ingelheim

Brendan actively engages with external stakeholders to support our industry and demonstrate the value of our medicines to policymakers. He has educated state legislators on the drug supply chain and value-based insurance designs so that legislators have the knowledge to make informed decisions about legislation seeking to ensure patient access to affordable medicines.

Robert Betzig

Site Leader, Pfizer Global Supply, Kalamazoo Site | Pfizer

Bob is an effective and accessible voice in highlighting the value of the pharmaceutical industry for policymakers and thought leaders. He has engaged federal, state and local officials at the site to help them better understand the challenges and opportunities of our industry. Bob is also involved and supportive of Pfizer’s Michigan Legislative Leaders program,

Phil Bonasia

Head of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Sunovion

Phil is the Head of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sunovion, but he also takes the time to participate in “State Researcher Fly-In Days.” Before these events, he takes the time to research the legislators he will meet and then develops the key points for each meeting. His research experience has impacted multiple meetings in

Jason Brandt

Head, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Sales, West Division | Sanofi US

Jason Brandt is highly committed to civic action both personally and professionally. Through his role on the Sanofi US PAC Board, Jason advocates tirelessly for issues related to the healthcare industry. His passion for civic action is also clearly apparent in his leadership role as a Vice President of Sales in our Diabetes and Cardiovascular,

Oleg Brodsky

Principal Scientist | Pfizer Inc

Oleg is a special type of researcher who can translate scientific concepts into themes and messages that resonate with non-scientists. He communicates the value of the critical work of pharmaceutical research in understandable, impactful ways to key elected officials, advocates and the public visiting Pfizer’s La Jolla, California site for many years now. Additionally, he