Meet our 2021 Employee Champions. We recognize individuals who strive to advance science and support innovation so that patients around the world can get the medicines and treatments they need. This year’s recipients have demonstrated commitment and resiliency that goes above and beyond expectations.

Sabrina Aery

(Bristol-Myers Squibb) – Sabrina is a board member of BUILD, an organization that partners with high schools in Palo Alto, Oakland, Boston and Washington, DC, to use a four-year curriculum of youth entrepreneurship to engage and propel low income, disengaged youth in tough neighborhoods through high school and into college.

Tiffini Brabham, DVM, PhD, DABT

(Pfizer) – Dr. Brabham is a strong advocate for Pfizer’s grassroots and PAC programs. She volunteers for Project 351, an initiative created by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to, “unite diverse 8th grade service Ambassadors from every city and town in the Commonwealth for an inspirational year of community service, leadership development and enrichment.”

Joanne Palmisano, MD, FACP

(Boehringer Ingelheim) – Dr. Palmisano is a leading advocate for Boehringer Ingelheim who regularly engages with external stakeholders to support the industry and demonstrate its value to patients and policymakers. Her passion for pediatric therapies has also led her to participate in FDA dialogues on sound policies for pediatric drug development.

Andy Hull

(Takeda Pharmaceuticals International) – Andy believes in the importance of providing educational opportunities for students to become future leaders in the industry and worked to support the EDUCATE Center, providing industry-led science and math programs for middle and high school teachers and students.

Colleen Lange

(Merck) – Colleen Lange has been instrumental in helping Merck organize facility site visits for federal legislators over the past year. Hosting Members of Congress at facilities across the county is one of the most important ways to demonstrate the value of our industry in particular states, and to showcase our highly technical – and

Terri Swanson, MA, PMP, LATG

(Pfizer) – In addition to her “day job,” Terri Swanson has been a leader in reaching out to schools and civic organizations to help build an understanding and awareness of the drug discovery and development process. With a group of colleagues at Pfizer’s Groton, CT, site, Terri created, “The Long Road to Drug Discovery,” an

Lori Madsen

(Sanofi US) – Lori was chosen in 2013 to serve as a champion for her region as part of a company and industry advocacy campaign. Lori has been a standout contributor by consistently mobilizing her peers and leadership to engage in a dialogue about the importance of our industry to patient-health and local economies.

Carmela Mascio

(Cubist Pharmaceuticals) – Carmela Mascio is a leading ambassador for STEM education and community outreach. She is passionate about demystifying science for students through interactive, hands-on activities, as well as helping students understand various career opportunities in STEM-related fields.

Michael Murphy

(Celgene) – Michael has advocated on behalf of Celgene’s public policy priorities at both the federal and state levels as a Celgene Ambassador. The Celgene Ambassadors program is a group of more than 50 employees who help colleagues understand why what happens in Washington, D.C. and state capitols impacts Celgene and the patients it serves.

Robert Kernstock, PhD

(Astellas Pharma US) – Dr. Kernstock is a member of Astellas’ Science WoRx steering committee that focuses on fostering science education at the elementary and high school grade levels. As part of the program, he has helped many high school students on projects in the STEM lab, including one to identify potential biomarkers for Alzheimer’s