Meet our 2021 Employee Champions. We recognize individuals who strive to advance science and support innovation so that patients around the world can get the medicines and treatments they need. This year’s recipients have demonstrated commitment and resiliency that goes above and beyond expectations.

Andrew Ajello

(Novo Nordisk) – Andrew took the lead in the company’s drive to increase advocacy, committing his entire leadership team of 61 employees to come to Washington this month for Advocacy Day. He plans to bring 150 sales executives to Washington in the fall for a second Advocacy Day.

Steve Bushold

(Merck) – Steve advocates for the key role that pharmaceuticals play in the overall treatment of disease, where his goal is to drive business strategy and project planning. He has led the way for Merck to have significant process efficiencies, year over year cost reductions, working capital improvements, better value and innovation.

Dave Matthews, CHMM

(Bristol-Myers Squibb Company) – As the company’s biological safety officer, Dave oversees animal care and use, water reduction, process safety management and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and excess energy. Since 2004, he has helped the site receive certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Jacquelyn Dungey

(Eli Lilly and Company) – Jackie has worked tirelessly to ensure the right voices are heard and the right information is seen by Indiana lawmakers and has encouraged the right level of access for patients and protections that ensure a successful environment for medical innovators in the state, while also finding data that proves how

Rodney Gillespie

(AstraZeneca) – Rodney advocates for policies and practices that help support patient health and access to medicines as a member of the Corporate Advisory Council for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), the 21st Century Council for the Congressional Black Caucus Institute (CBCI) and AZ’s Political Action Committee.

Dr. Kristen Hege, M.D.

(Celgene) – Dr. Hege has developed a comprenhensive, national strategy for policymaker education and engagement. Along with Celgene’s Corporate Affairs team, Hege has highlighted the research, development and innovation needed to ensure that patients have access to life-changing medicines.

Jaqueline Mitchell

(Sanofi US) – Jackie has emerged as a champion of the biopharmaceutical industry through working with Sanofi US’s grassroots program, VOICES, and serving as a “Civic Champion” who educates and recruits fellow employees to be active politically.

Dr. Jim Baxter, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

(Boehringer Ingelheim) – Dr. Baxter actively supports the biopharmaceutical industry through advocacy with patients, business leaders and public officials. He shared the industry’s economic footprint with members of Congress and boosted coverage of PhRMA’s Research in Your Backyard initiative.

Dr. Jenny Colombo, Pharm.D.

(Takeda) – Dr. Colombo has demonstrated a great passion for community service within the workplace. She has most recently worked with the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry to coordinate the volunteer efforts of scientifically-trained Takeda employees to inspire children to continue their education in life sciences.

Dr. Mark Vaughan, Pharm.D.

(Pfizer Consumer Health) – Dr. Vaughan has gone beyond his role as a scientist to help his community through various healthcare related initiatives and academic-industrial partnerships, which include volunteering as a pharmacist in a local free-health clinic for the uninsured, traveling on a humanitarian trip to Honduras, and leading discussions on proper diets.