Bruce Smith

(GlaxoSmithKline) – As an active volunteer and supporter of the American Diabetes Association of Oregon for over a decade, Bruce has been a member of the auction committee and helped lead its fundraising efforts. His dedication has never been about product; it’s not about sales, but about strengthening patient advocacy and improving quality care.

Scott Smith

(GlaxoSmithKline) – Together with NC BIO, the NC Chamber, and the We Work For Health Initiative, Scott and his colleagues at GSK brought together about 100 business leaders, policy makers and non-profit leaders to celebrate the industry and discuss the sector’s economic impact and opportunities for growth.

Justin Sperry

Justin is the site lead of Pfizer’s St. Louis, MO office. For the last 15 years, Justin and his team have furthered the understanding of novel biotherapeutics, gene therapies, and vaccines within Pfizer’s R&D organization. There, he has hosted external partners to explain the vital role R&D plays in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Gary Starling

Dr. Starling plays the invaluable role in supporting Merck’s work on political and federal advocacy issues by providing not only content expertise on Merck’s portfolio of products and development pipeline, but also helping ensure that the government affairs team is able to educate congressional staff on issues surrounding the innovation ecosystem and Merck’s commitment to

Peggy Staver

(Pfizer) – Peggy has been traveling to Washington for the past year-and-a-half to push for the enactment of a national tracing program to ensure the integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain and has been relied on by numerous members of Congress.

Frank Stone

Frank has played an instrumental role in helping Merck conduct extensive modeling of the economic and market impact of a wide variety of legislative and regulatory proposals. He has a passion for using data to explain the underlying business environment and has done that for Merck since 2006. This work helps Merck and the industry

Kimberly Storino

Kimberly serves as the project lead for GSK’s Inflation Reduction Act Planning and Implementation team, making her the single point of accountability. She coordinates GSK’s efforts to adapt to the law’s provisions and ensures the IRA’s impact is included in strategic and operating assessments. Kimberly also engages with government agencies and other groups to discuss

Adam Taliaferro

(Bristol-Myers Squibb) After his workday is over, Adam not only represents his hometown in the New Jersey state legislature, he is also an advocate for patients and the health care industry through his foundation. The Adam Taliaferro Foundation provides emotional, financial and educational support to individuals who suffer catastrophic head or spinal injuries and supports

Helen Tarleton

Helen has helped build UCB’s external community-giving approach. She has long-term relationships with STEM organizations like BioBuilder, as well as organizations doing STEM work, like the Girl Scouts. She organizes service projects for UCB’s Atlanta employees and she even spent her volunteer days on a health mission trip in Honduras.

Denise Tucker

(Merck) – Denise is a leader who drives her company’s policy priorities and, in turn, our industry’s. From Part D to Health Care Reform Implementation, Denise helps partners understand the implications and how our collaborative work will, ultimately, help better patients’ lives.